Veterinary Oncology Group – OnGo

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State of the art oncological care and research for veterinary patients

About us

The veterinary oncology research group OnGo is embedded within the department of Clinical Sciences at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. The group is led by Sara Galac and gathers the following research lines: medical, endocrine, interventional and fundamental oncology.

OnGo possesses high expertise in veterinary oncology and provides state-of-the art oncological care for veterinary patients. In OnGo, patient care goes hand in hand with research which involves fundamental and pre-clinical studies. Our mission is to imply the research findings in the (early) diagnosis of cancer and to introduce novel, efficient, and innovative treatment options.

The activities of OnGo are based on the ‘One Medicine’ approach: giving veterinary cancer patients an opportunity to benefit from novel developments in cancer research in human medicine, while providing a translational research model for human patients with comparable disease. OnGo’s group unique signature recalls: “We are advocates of animal health and ambassadors of ‘One medicine’ principles.”

Utrecht, 2022